Joining us at Production Switchboard Media

We are renowned for providing the best production people in the industry and are always pleased to consider new applications from qualified production freelancers.

Many people are under the impression that we operate like an employment agency which is not the case.

We are a diary service which means that we will be taking care of your diary….logging everything – work, holidays, doctor’s appointments, etc., etc. So you would need to tell us everything that you are planning throughout the year. We would also be sending out your CV when we are responding to briefs from production companies.

You should be assured that we only take on freelancers who we feel will benefit from being with us. You would most certainly work for companies that are new to you and we’d be promoting you at every opportunity but, of course, it could take a while for your CV to get some traction. Also, we don’t have any control over the vagaries of the industry and, as we all know, it can go quiet from time to time.

It is also important to note that successful freelancers don’t solely rely on their diary service. They should also be pro-active in networking and sending their CV to employers of production freelancers.

You should consider being part of Production Switchboard as more of a long term project and not necessarily expect immediate results. You would be paying us a monthly subscription to maintain your diary you should consider this as an annual investment and not necessarily expect immediate results although, in the main, all our team do rather well.

So, after all that, if you think you’d like to be part of Production Switchboard Media, please send your CV to